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Why to join
„NLP Coaching for a Healthy Lifestyle with Sibila Dancheva“:

The topics in the program relate to the health aspect of our lives, namely nutrition and exercise. In our 6 meetings we will combine theory and practice; our meetings will be interactive so that you can not only learn but also have fun. Everyone present will have the opportunity to analyze their lifestyle and with the set of new knowledge and skills, to easily make the necessary changes. Scientific facts, personal experience and new concepts will be intertwined with various NLP techniques for motivation, goal setting and discipline.


At the end of the program, you will have clarity on issues related to what healthy eating really is; motivation to start and sustain a diet; how the diet actually works for us; emotional eating and eating disorders; intuitive eating; macro- and micronutrients – what they are and do we get enough from both; building a food culture and habits in children; motor culture and training; sports and stress…


Focus on your health and join us to generate knowledge, new acquaintances and fun experience!


Please contact us on courses@nlpbulgaria.bg or +359 889 740 927 for more information.

Certified NLP Coach

Sibila Dancheva

I am Sibila Dancheva. I study philosophy at Sofia University, and at the same time I work as a fitness trainer. These two activities of mine in combination embody my life view, namely – for the overall well-being of each person – physically and mentally. Through knowledge in nutrition, movement, coaching, various NLP and psychological practices, the aim is to show that everyone is able to keep himself balanced, healthy, purposeful and satisfied.

Increased self-esteem
Increased awareness of one's own body and emotions
Improved communication and relationships
Acquired skills applicable in other areas

Bulgarian Coaching Academy

Bulgarian Coaching Academy is part of the NLP Bulgaria group of companies and is the only certified NLP Coaching Academy on the Balkan Peninsula by the Society for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Orlando, USA, of NLP’s founder – Dr. Richard Bandler – the world organization guaranteeing control of the quality of NLP and NLP coaching training.

At the Bulgarian Coaching Academy we prepare NLP business, personal and sports coaches according to a program and with a world-recognized certificate from the Society of NLP.