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Why to join
„NLP Life Coaching with Gabi Gerasimova“:

NLP Life Coaching with Gabi Gerasimova is a 6-week coaching program that will help you improve your personal skills and competencies. During the training you will gain knowledge and learn many techniques to use in different areas of your life.


After the end of the coaching program you will:

  • Set goals that are easily measurable
  • Identify more precisely the internal resources you need
  • Know different strategies for dealing with procrastination
  • Gain time management skills
  • Acquire daily organizational skills
  • Learn techniques that increase your motivation
  • Track the results against the set criteria


This coaching program is for anyone who…


  • Wants to improve him/herself
  • Likes to put learned skills in practice
  • Wants to set his/her goals effectively
  • Needs more ease in his/her daily life
  • Wants to prioritize the important things in life


What does the coaching program include?


  • Individual exercises
  • Practical exercises in a group
  • Tracking results after setting goals


Please contact us on courses@nlpbulgaria.bg or +359 889 740 927 for more information.

Certified NLP Coach

Gabriela Gerasimova

My name is Gabriela Gerasimova and I am a certified NLP Personal and Business Coach by the NLP Society of Dr. Richard Bandler and the Bulgarian Coaching Academy. My previous professional experience is in the field of Business Processes in a large international IT company. In my work as a Coach, I use NLP and Motivational Interview tools, as well as various time management techniques. I assist my clients in the processes of setting priorities, making decisions, setting and achieving goals, and finding personal motivation.

Better planning
Easier identification of priorities
Better time management
Higher motivation for action
More efficient decision management

Bulgarian Coaching Academy

Bulgarian Coaching Academy is part of the NLP Bulgaria group of companies and is the only certified NLP Coaching Academy on the Balkan Peninsula by the Society for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Orlando, USA, of NLP’s founder – Dr. Richard Bandler – the world organization guaranteeing control of the quality of NLP and NLP coaching training.

At the Bulgarian Coaching Academy we prepare NLP business, personal and sports coaches according to a program and with a world-recognized certificate from the Society of NLP.