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Why to join
„Protein for Managers with Ivo Marinov “:

Иво Маринов

If you are a manager, a coach, work with people or just want to improve your skills, this program is suitable for your development.


In six meetings you will learn to use different tools for concentration and working with people, which are used by some of the best coaches. Each participant will receive an analysis of the reaction to different stressors with the help of biofeedback.


At the end of this program you will be able to:


  • Give motivating feedback
  • Deal with the tension “before the start”
  • More easily enter the “zone”
  • Master visualization as a technique
  • Help the team increase the team spirit
  • Cope better with various stressors
  • Use techniques from sports psychology in business and in everyday life
  • Create habits

You have all heard the saying, “Behind every successful man there is a strong woman.” We can safely say that behind every good athlete is the hand of a strong and supportive coach.

Please contact us on courses@nlpbulgaria.bg or +359 889 740 927 for more information.

Certified NLP Coach

Ivo Marinov

Master of Business Administration and Sports Psychology, I have held management positions in various companies in the commercial sector. I have over 10 years of experience in conducting trainings, motivating and developing employees. I believe that sport teaches us the most important lessons in life, in addition to helping our body and brain. Graduating from the NLP Academy and the certification brought me unexpectedly good results, both in the company I work for and in my development as a person.

Increased concentration
Better performance at work
Increased self-esteem
Better team results

Bulgarian Coaching Academy

Bulgarian Coaching Academy is part of the NLP Bulgaria group of companies and is the only certified NLP Coaching Academy on the Balkan Peninsula by the Society for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Orlando, USA, of NLP’s founder – Dr. Richard Bandler – the world organization guaranteeing control of the quality of NLP and NLP coaching training.

At the Bulgarian Coaching Academy we prepare NLP business, personal and sports coaches according to a program and with a world-recognized certificate from the Society of NLP.