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NLP Coaching Certification

The “NLP Coach” Program from Bulgarian Coaching Academy is Certified by Dr. Richard Bandler’s Society of NLP.

The NLP Coach Certification program from the Society of NLP and BCA prepares specialists, willing to develop in three directions – Life Coach, Business Coach and Sports Coach. 

Every Coach who successfully passes the NLP Coach Program will be certified by Dr. Richard Bandler’s Society of NLP and Bulgarian Coaching Academy. The Certificate allows practicing the Coach profession worldwide.

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Bulgarian Coaching Academy

They say we are the best. That we set the standards in NLP coaching. And they choose us again and againg. One thing we know for sure is that we help people like you become much better. Because we always give more than expected. And everything we do we have tried in practice in over a decade experience here and abroad. This is what you are looking for, right?

At Bulgarian Coaching Academy we are inspired by your desire for growth, by your quest for progress. Every future challenge motivates us because we know that everyone is capable of their own leap to perfection.

Bulgarian Coaching Academy is part of NLP Bulgaria group of companies and is the only certified NLP Coaching Academy on the Balkans by the Society of Neuro-linguistic programming, Orlando, USA of the father of NLP – Dr. Richard Bandler – the international organization guaranteeing the quality of NLP and NLP coaching training. At Bulgarian Coaching Academy we train NLP Business, Life and Sports Coaches and offer globally recognized Certification by the Society of NLP, USA.
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For top-tier managers and company owners

Executive Coaching

Powerful personalized approach for channeling and directing the talent of top-tier management, for quick and continuous success in all business areas. 

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If you are a certified NLP coach, you can publish your coaching program on our website.

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If you are a certified NLP coach, you can become a member of the Bulgarian Coaching Academy.

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You are a coach certified by another organization. Do you want to improve your qualification and get the highest level of NLP and Coaching skills?

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