What types of coaching are most commonly used?​

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Business coaching

The business coach is a professional, specialized in achievement of results. He/she works in a very close proximity to the company that hired him/her and actively participates in the development of action plans and programs aimed at achieving efficient solutions.

Internal coaching

Companies often prefer to work with internal coaches, their own employees. In such cases, our job is to train coaches who will then become the points of reference for the company. The training programs of the Bulgarian Coaching Academy are designed around the functional needs of such clients. Among the range of skills we teach, methodologies and models for identifying strengths and areas for improving development plans, goal achievement systems and time planning stand out.

External coaching

This service is for companies and people who want to be assisted by a coaching professional. Our clients very often want us to work with CEOs and managers to improve soft skills and increase their performance. Also, they ask us to work with the Board of Directors in developing the vision, mission and strategic goals of the company. Other common goals are synchronization between personal and corporate goals, conflict resolution and team building.

Team coaching

What distinguishes a group of people who work together from a team that plays together? Team coaching allows the group to form a team in which communication flows smoothly, everyone contributes and receives recognition for their skills. Roles are understood and shared, mutual trust increases as teamwork intensifies and results grow.

Sales coaching

Sales training is often limited to teaching the same things in the same way, ignoring differences in experience, character and inclinations of the trainees. Sales coaching goes beyond these limits, focusing on the individuality of the participants to achieve top results.

Personal coaching

The personal coach helps to achieve goals related to the client’s life, which are not necessarily professional ones. The personal coach has the task of supporting the client during the delicate process of connecting with his/her emotions, expectations, desires and energy. The key to success here is the coach and the client to challenge each others’ personality and to do it intensively, beyond the usual for a communication process.

Sports coaching

The sports coach is a professional who works with teams or with the athletes themselves. The sports coach plays a key role in the mental preparation of every athlete to achieve exceptional sports results.