“There is nothing more permanent than change”



Coaching is a process through which people, teams and companies are assisted in reaching the ultimate level of their abilities. It is focused on generative change and, hence, is oriented towards results. The logic behind coaching is how to use all efficient tools that help the client build the desired future and implement all actions, necessary to turn goals into reality.

An international research of the Association of Management, published in New York Times shows that through training productivity increases on average by 22%, while with coaching this improvement is by 88%.


Coaching is not consulting, because the client is the one setting targets, working out solutions and following his/her plan of action.

Coaching is not therapy, since its approach is centered around the question: “How to utilize the resources we have at hand?”

It is not mentorship, as the coach normally avoids instructing the client.

Coaching is not training, as such, since it focuses on using the client’s successful skills, while developing mental habits for their conscious application in practice.