Bulgarian Coaching Academy

The say we are the best.

“Authenticity makes the leader eternal.”

Lora Arnaoudova

Who we are?

They say we are the best. That we set the standards in NLP coaching. And they choose us again and againg. One thing we know for sure is that we help people like you become much better. Because we always give more than expected. And everything we do we have tried in practice in over a decade experience here and abroad. This is what you are looking for, right?

At Bulgarian Coaching Academy we are inspired by your desire for growth, by your quest for progress. Every future challenge motivates us because we know that everyone is capable of their own leap to perfection.

Why NLP coaching?

During the past years coaching prove itself as an invaluable tool, assisting the positive change in people and organizations. Of course, as with every methodology, focused on the person, coaching meets its challenges when faced with the beliefs and values of the individual, threatening the movement forward.

And right here comes the powerful role of Neuro-linguistic programming, for achieving the necessary transformation for this quantum leap. Or, in different words, whenever psychology and traditional coaching run out of resources, NLP coaching is the right assistant in achieving your most desired goals.

Bulgarian Coaching Academy

Bulgarian Coaching Academy is part of NLP Bulgaria group of companies and is the only certified NLP Coaching Academy on the Balkans by the Society of Neuro-linguistic programming, Orlando, USA of the father of NLP – Dr. Richard Bandler – the international organization guaranteeing the quality of NLP and NLP coaching training.

Lora Arnaoudova

The founder of Bulgarian Coaching Academy, Lora Arnaoudova is the only NLP coaching trainer of the Society of NLP in Bulgaria and the only Eastern European, part of the assisting team of Dr. Richard Bandler – an exceptional recognition for her experience and expertise in working with people and organizations worldwide.


All coachers at Bulgarian Coaching Academy have successfully completed our program and are awarded Certificates for NLP coach from the Society of Neuro-linguistic programming. They specialize in different areas – strategic planning, corporate restructuring, strategy in sales, leadership, management, recruitment and selection, coaching of sports people, internal and external coaching, healthy living, goal setting and personal development.


Iavor Arnaoudov

President of Bulgarian Coaching Academy, business and sales coach