The client chooses the focus of the conversation, sets goals and their achievement depends on his / her commitment and pace. The client is responsible for achieving the goals he/she has set for him/herself.
Групово учене

In order for the coaching to be successful, the client needs to:

on him/herself, on difficult issues, undesirable truths and on his/her success.

by observing the behaviors and communication of others and listening to his own intuition, assumptions, judgments, and the way he/she sounds when he/she speaks.

to provoke existing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors and to develop new ones that serve the set goals set by the client in a better way.

regardless of how much out of the comfort zone and despite the inner uncertainty to take a step towards exceptional results.

to him/herself when he/she experiments with new behaviors, experiences, setbacks or losses, and to others when they go through the same.

not to be taken too seriously, to use his/her sense of humor to brighten up any situation.

to keep fit even in times of frustration and unfulfilled expectations, to avoid emotional reactions.

to change his/her basic strategy for success and be driven by faith, to constantly explore him/herself, to overcome internal and external barriers.

and overcome limitations to develop the style of a person who always wins.