The duration of the coaching process depends on the client’s goals – short-term or long-term, qualitative or quantitative, as well as their complexity. For certain types of coaching, 3 to 6 months of regular meetings with a coach may be sufficient. For other types, clients may find it helpful to work with a coach for a longer period of time.

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The coaching process starts with a meeting called “intake”. The purpose of the first meeting is to define:

  • Objectives or work areas
  • The duration of the coaching partnership
  • The work schedule
  • Financial parameters
  • Establishing trust between coach and client


After “intake”, the coach provides the client with a structure of the partnership that includes:

  • Individual schedule
  • Telephone / online sessions
  • Team sessions
  • Individual training
  • Group training
  • Group coaching
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The determining factors are:

  • Type of goals
  • Frequency of coaching meetings
  • Working process
  • Budget of the client


In CEO coaching, the coaching partnership usually lasts 18 months or more, depending on the goals and especially if there is a need for long-term change in the company.


One of the goals of the coaching partnership is to support the client in building the habit to ask questions, to explore and to be responsible and committed to the set goals.

The goal of the coach is for the client to become independent after time and begin to manage such processes on his/her own.